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 October 1997

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NEXT MEETING Saturday, October 25, 1997

North Branch Library, Gray, LA 10:00 a.m.

Book Sale!!

20% off all titles!

Now is your chance to get that book youíve been wanting. See details below!!!!! Last monthís meeting was a good one, the room about 3/4 full. Audrey Westerman spoke about our covering WHO, WHEN, WHERE on our queries with specific information. Those who give vague requests, such as "all the Landry's," will never get their answers. The other topic she covered was the Postal Service and SASE's. Seems they have taken the stand that #10 envelopes that have been folded into another #10 (thatís the business size) will not be processed but will be sent to the dead letter office because they won't go through the automatic letter-sorting machines. In the "Show and Tell" segment of the meeting, Wade Usé brought a tool that puzzled us for a while. Some of our members identified it (it was an old scale) and showed us how it worked. Ed Henry brought an old hospital bill from 1940 in which one of the charges was rental of an electric fan! Dorotha Horvath gave a tour of the new location of the genealogy section at the North Branch and told us it took so long to move because duplicate cards had to be prepared for both card catalogs (one at Main branch and one at North branch). She also mentioned CD's which were available, some of which she had donated. Included in the collection are the General Land Office records for Ohio, Alabama, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi and the Louisiana Land Records; all 127 volumes of the Official Record of the War of the Rebellion; also, Social Security Death Records, Marriage records, Family Pedigrees, etc. Dorotha said they were now cataloging the last of the material which Mercedes Pertuit had left to the library, and she acknowledged all the material which Audrey had donated. The work on South LA Vital Family Records for 1925-1927 is progressing but they need volunteers to do the successions for Terrebonne and Lafourche. The Fall TLL was ready and picked up by the members who had not been at the collating. (Thanks to Audrey for the report on the meeting. Gloria and I had other commitments that day.)


If you have been waiting for prices to go down, wait no longer. All the titles we have in stock are 20% off (no other discounts apply), for a limited time; October 25 to December 13. Thatís our next two meetings, so you will have a chance to come to the meeting, examine the books youíve been hearing about, and do your Christmas shopping. But hurry, now. We are not going to reprint these, probably, and there are limited quantities of some titles. If you are ordering by mail, add $3.00 per book for shipping and handling and wrapping, etc. This discount applies to all books, old and new, so hurry on down.


It was a small but energetic bunch that met to put the latest TLL into your hands, so to speak. The "flu" or something must be going around, because many were ill. Those who could make it were the two Beverlyís, Alford and Benoit, Jess Bergeron, Essie Cavalier, Phil Chauvin, Ed Hicks, Dorotha Horvath, Godfrey Olivier, Lou Ostheimer and Dot Smith. Just ten of us, but we finished the job in near record time. We just kept going, and going, and going, and.........


Please remember in your prayers our fellow member, Ms. Rosita Babin who is in the hospital. We all hope and pray that you will get well, soon, Rosita!


If you have any personal information about marriages, births, or deaths that should have been recorded during these years, but you feel that for some reason they went unrecorded, officially, you can do something about it. You can submit that information to go in the new book; South Louisiana Vital Records, No. 7 in our series. Just be sure you get permission (in writing, preferably) from the person(s) concerned or from the descendants, in the case of deaths.


First call for dues, people. We are accepting dues for the 1998-99 year. I know some of you like to be the first one to get your membership out of the way, while you are thinking about it. Good for you! Just donít forget that we voted on an increase for the next year: $25 for an individual, $30 for a family or contributing membership, $22 for libraries or societies, and $250 for lifetime. That lifetime membership is looking better and better. If youplan to be around for 10 or more years it is a good deal.


At the last Board Meeting, we were told about the latest marketing ploy of the infamous pseudo-genealogists of Halbertís, 3687 Ira Road, Bath, Ohio. Texaco card holders will be receiving an envelope with the Texaco Star on the outside and the same old glorified telephone directory offer from our friends in Bath. Texaco not only allowed them to use the Texaco envelope, but apparently the Texaco credit card list. The letter starts out "TEXACO HAS ASKED ME TO CONTACT YOU WITH EXCITING NEWS FOR YOU AND ALL THE (YOUR SURNAME)...!" Audrey suggested that whoever got an offer from them turn around and hit them where it hurts--the pocketbook. She said you could stuff the mailing in the "Business Reply" envelope provided, and seal it and mail it back to them. They will have to pay the postage on their garbage twice--and no monetary return! It just might make them stop, you think?

And what do you think was waiting for me in that very afternoonís mail? It was a letter from W. Elvin E. Hicks, c/o 3687 Ira Road, Bath, Ohio. (Do you think one of my relatives works for Halbertís? Oh, the shame of it all!) I just couldnít wait to find out what they were offering, this time. Well, the title of the book was "THE HICKS IN AMERICA: FROM 1850 TO 1997." Does that tell you anything? Wow! 1850! (My grandfather moved to Brownsville, Texas just a couple of years before that.) And I love the offer. You are expected to initial the agreement to "honor the invoice including postage and handling upon receipt of my book(s)" I think Iíd rather sign a blank check. What about the disclaimer: "No direct genealogical connection to your family or to your ancestry is implied or intended." Of course it isnít! My only regret is that we canít reach everybody that gets one of these offers to warn them. I shudder to think that one or more of my children may get one and fall for it.

BOOK SEARCH ---- Board Member Louis Duet (101 Percle Ln., Thibodaux, LA 70301-6065) is looking for South Louisiana Vital Records, Vol. 1. If you have a copy to get rid of, or know someone who does, please contact Louis through the Society, or E-mail him at lduet@cajunnet.com. If you want, you can call him at (504) 633-2966; just donít call "Collect."

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