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Vol. 27 No. 7 September 2008
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Next meeting:   Saturday,  September 27, 20081:00 p.m., Main Branch Library, Houma, LA


I hope that everyone fared well for these Hurricanes. With so many people still out of power and cable and phone lines it is hard to see and hear what is going on in Houma and the surrounding area. And the major networks showed very little about our area for those of us that evacuated. We were in the dark just like our people who stayed home for the Hurricanes. Thank goodness I brought my laptop with me and the motel had free internet service. I was able to get to WWLTV, HTV & HOUMATODAY.COM and hear and see a little about what was happening in Houma and the area around. HTV is a local Houma station.

As you know we were not able to have our August meeting due to Hurricane Gustav. The library was closed and most people were trying to evacuate. Sorry, this will be a short newsletter.

I have some good and bad news. Audrey has the summer quarterly done, but since she evacuated she was unable to print it. You will get your quarterly a little later than expected. BUT YOU WILL GET IT SOON.


We have not heard of any seminars. If you know of any let us know.


I have not received any reports about any members or family that may have passed away. If you know of any email me the obit. My email address is at the top of the newsletter.


Do you need or want a book in the Terrebonne Parish Library on genealogy or family history? Well get the title, author, publisher, price if available, and where it can be purchased and email it to Wanda at wmoore1048 at aol.com. As Judy, in the genealogy department, gets these books in she makes a list and puts it by the typewriter in the genealogy department.


Photo link: http://www.wwltv.com/perl/common/slideshow/sspop.pl?recid=12121&nextimage=1

It is about flooding in Terrebonne Parish. Our out-of-town members may be interested, especially since we mention the coverage.


This is the library where Dorotha Horvath’s collection has been sent.  Everyone should think about this, especially at this time.  Some of us have lost our collections and others have lost the desire to add to our collections. 

Some notes about the Genealogy Library Center, Inc.: 

This is a non-profit library established by Arlene H. Eakle and her husband Alma D. Eakle, Jr. In Tremonton, Utah to preserve genealogy materials that might other wise be thrown away and lost forever.  At this time the library, located at 62 West Main Street, is supported entirely by my research activities.  Materials donated may qualify for a tax benefit.  Current tax number: 01-0812471.  501(c)3 approval is pending.

Renovation of a portion of the building which will house the library has been completed.  And we have moved into this part.  With file cabinets, book shelves, work counters, and research tables.  We have a new copy machine/printer and a new computer with Microsoft Professional Office installed on it.  We are not yet connected to the internet and we do not have a telephone installed at the building, yet.  We'll add those when our local provider can give us both at a reasonable business rate and the rest of the building is ready for occupancy.

Volunteers come on Monday to process and preserve the collections. 

    1) to help you preserve your personal manuscript genealogy files and supporting books, maps, and other genealogy materials

    2) to make these precious and valuable data available to genealogists who share common ancestry

We have made great progress over the past year, since we first began.  Several collections are ready to be searched.

You  will have access to all of these materials under supervised and archival procedures, with the option of making copies of selected papers.  You can also request searches by email, postal mail, or by telephone.

If you have a genealogy research collection that needs a permanent home, please consider donating your collection to the Genealogy Library Center,

Inc. We can give you a tax benefit for the donation of your precious genealogy stuff and you will have the secure feeling that all your devoted work will be protected and preserved. Your work will benefit future generations.

Visit http://www.genealogylibrarycenter.com for a current list of collections already donated.

From Nancy, this is a link to Louisiana state archives with searchable death index  1911-1956. You can order for $5.00 <http://www.sos.louisiana.gov/tabid/640/Default.aspx>.

Terrebonne Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 20295, Houma, LA 70360-0295

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