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Vol. 28 No. 8 October 2009
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Do you search the census records? Our guest speaker Darlene Walk gave a well inform speech all about census records and how the information was collected. The first census information were taken by federal marshals and as time progress local federal marshals gathered the information. Now local people gather the information. She had a fabulous power point presentation and the handouts to go along with it. She showed us how to find a family name through several census records and add additional family names from each census. All of which we basically do, but with the information she gave us, when you do your search you will get a different prospective. It makes me want to start my search all over again! If you were unable to the meeting you sure did miss out on some outstanding information.

GUESS WHAT we have guest speaker for this month's meeting. He has been a guest speaker before and just a couple of months ago he was at the Lafourche Heritage Society Seminar. Come and hear Michel-Antoine Goitia-Nicolas, born in Quebec , Canada . He is the president of the Louisiana Basque-American Society and Culture Organization (LA; B.A.S.C.O) founded in July 2003. He has a B.A. History Boston College , Massachusettes, also Bachelors in Politic Science U.C.L.A, and Eastern Orthodox Theology, S.U.N.Y. Fluency in French, Spanish, Greek, Basque, Italian, Russian, Slavonic, Ladino, and Latin. The general topic will be: The Basques and Louisiana, Louisiana Basques Today, Europe's most ancient race-The Prehistoric Basques and the rise of the Nobility, such as King Henry IV and King Louis XVII, just to name a few. He also translated some of our local names, such as Boudreaux, Thibodaux , Montegut, Guidry, and LeBlanc, into the Basque version of these names. He has a two pending books: A Dictionary of Louisiana Basque Names & Louisiana : It all started with a fish – The Forgotten History of the Louisiana Basques . These are just a few, he has more and he will be here to give us more. Come and hear him for yourself. You really don't want to miss his speech.

NOTICE : We WILL NOT have a meeting in November. November & December meeting will be our annual Christmas Holiday gathering on December 12. Remember to bring your favorite dish or dessert and a door prize or two. Ooh, la, la my mouth is already watering!!! We have also attached a book list, just in case your family and friends want to know what to get you for Christmas.

If you brought a display to the Lafourche Heritage Society Seminar we would like to see them at our meeting. If you have not brought them to the TGS meeting already, please bring them to October meeting.


We have mailed out the Fall quarterlies, but we had two of them returned to us, Julia Benoit and Martha Authement. If you would like to have your quarterly the cost is $4.00, this is the cost of returned mail to us and to re-mail to you. If you move send your new address to Jess Bergeron. There are two ways to do this, mail to him at P.O. Box 20295 , Houma , LA 70360-0295 or email at jessndot@bellsouth.net .


If you were looking for a book and it is not at the Terrebonne Parish Library and would like to have it here. Write the book title, author and publisher down and give it to Patty Whitney at a meeting or email her at pattywhitney@hotmail.com and she will see if Judy can get the library a copy.

Books to Sell

Ruth Autin Cajungenie2002@yahoo.com 1504 Mimosa Street , Marrero , LA 70072 - Revised October 1, 2009

Archdiocese of New Orleans Sacramental Records Volumes 1; 12-17; 19 $180

Hebert, Rev. Donald J. Southwest Louisiana Records, Church and Civil Records of Settlers, volume I (1756-1810 ). Rev. Donald J Hebert, 1974. $35

Arsenault, Bona. L'Acadie Des Ancetres, Avec la genealogie des premieres familles acadiennes. Le conseil de la Vie francaise en Amerique, Universite Laval, 1955. French $30

Bodin, George A. Compiler. Selected Acadian and LA Church Records. Attakapas Historical Association, 1968. $10

Bodin, George A. Compiler. Selected Acadian and LA Church Records.Volume II, Attakapas Historical Association, 1970. $25

Brasseaux, Carl A. And Glenn R. Conrad. A Bibliography of Scholarly Literature on Colonial Louisiana and New France . Center for LA Studies, USL, 1992. $10

Conrad, Glenn R. And Carl A. Brasseaux. Louisiana History, the Journal of the LA Historical Association, Index to Volumes 1-XXV, 1960-1984. LA Historical Association, 1985. $20

LA History. Journal of the La Historical Assoc.Index to Volumes XXVI-XXX 1985-1989. $20

Confirmacienes, Parish of St. Louis New Orleans, Libro Primero de Confirmaciones , Genealogical Research Society of New Orleans, 1967. $60

Hebert, Rev. Donald J. Hebert, Index of NO Confirmations, 1789-1841 , Claitor's, 1984. $15

Dismukes, J. Philip. A History of the Development of Lafayette , LA , 1972. $10

Fields, Harvey G. A True History of the Life, Works, Assasination and Death of Huey Pierce Long . Harvey G. Fields, 1944. Autographed $50 This book was written by one of Long's law partners.

Forsyth, Alice Daly and Earlene L. Zeringue, compilers and translators. German “ Pest Ships” 1720-1721 . Genealogical Research Society of New Orleans , 1969. $20

Gareau, G. Robert. Premieres Concessions D”Habitations, 1673, Boucherville . Montreal , 1973.French $15

Gianelloni, Elizabeth Becker. Calendar of Louisiana Colonial.Documents, V.III, St. Charles Parish.Part One: The D'Arensbourg Records, 1734-1769. Louisiana State Archives and Records Commission, 1965. Reprint edition Provincial Press, 1998. $20

Marchand, Sr. Sidney A. An Attempt to Re-assemble the Old Settlers in Family Groups . Claitor's Book Store, 1965. $25

Queuille, Pierre Francois Vieux Chines Et Brocatelles.

Rieder, Jr. Milton P. and Norma Gaudet Rieder, compilers and editors. The Crew and Passenger Registration Lists of the Seven Acadian Expeditions of 1785, A listing by family groups of the refugee Acadians who migrated from France to Spanish Louisiana in 1785. Milton P. Rieder, and Norma Gaudet Rieder, 1965 $20

Robichaux, Albert J. Jr. Civil Registration of Orleans Parish Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1790-1833 . Hebert Publications, 2000. $50

Whitfield, Irene Therese. Louisiana French Folk Songs. LSU Press, 1939. $15

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