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Vol. 29 No. 2 April 2010
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NEXT MEETING: April 24, 2010—1:00 p.m., Main Branch Library: 151 Library Dr. Houma, LA


Spring is here and we are in bloom!!! We have chosen the theme of flowers to brighten our installation ceremony. Flowers play an important role in a happy, healthy and well-balanced life. Similarly, good officers play an important role in a happy, healthy and well-balanced organization. Gloria Hicks with the help of Dorothy Bergeron and Marcie Cavalier gave a wonderful presentation. She stated that she learned recently that flowers have specific meanings traditionally associated with them, and so has chosen an individual flower to represent each of the new officers and directors. First she started with a vase of ferns that represents the general members (you). Phil Chauvin , as the Retiring President, was presented with a white Lisianthus , a symbol of his “outgoing nature”, which helped him greatly to sustain the untiring and enduring dedication and service that he has given to our organization and placed it in the center of our arrangement, to signify that he will continue to be in our midst, giving us the guidance he has provided through the many years he served as our Past President. Wanda Moore , as the Newsletter and Quarterly Editor appointed by the Terrebonne Genealogical Society, will continue to serve as a Director was presented with purple Statice , a symbol of success, remembrance, and sympathy. The Statice was cut into several pieces, and was spread around the outer edges to signify that she will continue to spread the news. Sandra Boudreaux was presented with an orange Day Lily , a symbol of “enthusiasm”. For years as a regular member, she has shown enthusiasm in many ways – taking pictures of important happenings, and fixing healthy snacks for break times, to name just a couple. May it signify all the enthusiasm she will bring to future meetings. Blanche Brown was presented a Larkspur . Its meaning of “beautiful spirit” seems to exemplify her and all her contributions since she joined TGS. May her beautiful spirit permeate all our future meetings, both Board and regular. Ronald Berger was presented with a Yellow Rose . Its main meaning is “zealous,” but it also means “friendship.” He certainly exemplifies both of these characteristics, and will be a zealous boon to the future of our friendly organization. Nancy Wright was presented with Ivy , which has the meaning of “fidelity.” It will be the predominant “green” of our arrangement, symbolizing the green she collects from dues, and the green she pays out while carefully and loyally performing her duties. Jess Bergeron, was presented with Gladiolus , which means “strength of character.” It is symbolic of his generous and steadfast help to our many correspondents and to our meetings. Sheila Rodrigue , was presented with Alstroemeria , also known as a Peruvian Lily , which carries the meaning of “devotion”. That is certainly an appropriate symbol of her usual cheerful accuracy and persistence in the fulfillment of her duties as our Recording Secretary Louis Duet, was presented with red and white Ginger , which means “pride and diversity.” He has exhibited both during his years in our society, and these characteristics will certainly enhance his office as our new Vice-President. Ed Hicks, our former Vice-President officially handed over his gavel to our new Vice-President. Patricia Whitney , was presented with an Iris , carrying its meaning of “inspiration.” This is truly a symbol of how she has for many years managed to inspire us all to expand our talents as we come together into one big well organized group. Patty's Iris was placed in the center beside Phil's Lisianthus , as a symbol of how they will both continue to help one another and TGS. Phil Chauvin, our former President handed over his gavel to Patty, our new President. And there we have it! An Installation Floral Creation as beautiful, as colorful, as exciting, as is the Terrebonne Genealogical Society! Congratulations to all of its great officers and directors! And Thank You Gloria for these beautiful words she has so thoughtfully created for each officer and director.


Noella RICHARD, Director of the Centre de recherche acadien de l'Îie-du-Prince-Édouard, will stop in and speak to us at this month's meeting. The Centre de Recherche Acadien de l'Î.-P.-É. collects documents directly and indirectly related to the history and culture of Prince Edward Island's Acadia for research purposes. They evaluate, describe, classify and store the collected information and make the collected information accessible to the public. They want to make connections and try to develop partnerships with other archives and genealogy centers from around the world and to promote their services and to network with others to share and distribute the information contained in our archives. This is a must hear, come in and spend a little time with us for this.


The Lafourche Heritage Society will hold its Annual History & Genealogy Seminar on Saturday, August 14, 2010. Members will receive a registration form. You do not have to be a member to attend. Pre-registration is required if you are interested the meal. You will be able to register at the door, but the meal will not be included. We will have more details at a later date.


Myrtil “Myrt” George Vicknair Jr., 67, a native of Klotzville and resident of Thibodaux, died April 3, 2010. He is survived by his wife, Mary Adams Vicknair ; two sons, Mark Vicknair and wife, Amy, and Michael Vicknair and wife, Mailan; one daughter, Melissa and husband, Kevin Roddy ; seven grandchildren, Kayla Vicknair , Katie Vicknair , Kody Vicknair , Brandon Ashford , Jacob Vicknair , Brianna Roddy and Elizabeth Vicknair ; and his aunt, Doris Richard . His father, Myrtil Vicknair Sr.; his birth mother, Ouida Barrilleaux Vicknair ; his mother, Aline Lejendre Vicknair ; and numerous aunts and uncles preceded him in death.

Dr. Philip Davis Uzee , 95, born Nov. 5, 1914 in Jennings, LA, retired Nicholls State University historian, dean and archivist, died in Dallas, TX, April 1, 2010. He is interred in St. Joseph Co-Cathedral church cemetery. He earned degrees in history from LSU. He taught at Valere-Guidry Elementary School in Cut Off, at LSU & at McNeese Junior College in Lake Charles. He joined the Nicholls faculty in 1953 & in 1963 became dean of Liberal Arts and an Alcee Fortier professor of history in 1973. He stepped down as dean in 1974, and then served as university archivist until he retired in 1984. He served in the U.S. Army from July 1942 to June 1946. He received a commission of second lieutenant, in 1945. He married Yvonne TOUPS, a native of Laurel Valley Plantation, in 1955.


Some fantastic news! On April 5, NBC announced Who Do You Think You Are? has been renewed for a second season! This has been a very interesting program. Have you seen it?


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