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Vol. 29 No. 8 October 2010
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NEXT MEETING: October 30, 2010 — 1:00 p.m., Main Branch Library: 151 Library Dr. Houma , LA

Well our guest speaker had a family emergency out of state so he was unable to attend our meeting. But he has accepted our offer to come back at another time. Sorry we were not able to get this information to go prior to the meeting.

We had a discussion at the meeting about what would happen to your genealogy material once you're gone. Sort of like a will for your genealogy, sounds funny, but think about it! You should have something in writing to let your family know what to do with your material and to let whoever does have it, know what to do with it, sort of like a copy write release. Protect you work and make sure it is put in the hands of a trusted society.


We will have a speaker at our October meeting. Judy Riffel will speak on Spanish Land Grants . Judy Riffel is a professional genealogist specializing in Louisiana research. She has authored numerous books and articles on genealogy. An officer in a Louisiana archival support group, Le Comité des Archives de la Louisiane, and editor of its quarterly journal, Le Raconteur , she has worked to bring little-known and neglected historical documents to light. Her particular area of expertise is translating French and Spanish documents to make them easier for researchers to use. Her most recent books are Natchitoches Baptisms, 1817-1840 , and A Guide to Genealogical Research at the Louisiana State Archives . She will bring a few books with her to sell. If you email her with the books you want to buy she may be able to bring them to the meeting. To see a complete list of books check out the website www.lecomite.org .


We will have our annual Holiday Social Gathering on December 4, 2010 . Bring your favorite dish or dessert and a door prize or two. The Holiday Gathering replaces our November and December meetings. So you will want to be there. We have more fun than meeting. Did I mention the food? Well you don't want to miss that.


Dianna GUIDRY and Jeff P. GUIDRY Jr., the children of Jeff GUIDRY and Nellie PENDAS GUIDRY have donated their parent's genealogy collection and books. Some of the names in their collection are BERGERON, PENDAS, GATEWOOD, BROWN, RABY, etc. The books for sale are from several sources: Acadian Genealogy Exchange - Vol. X July & October 1981; Vol. XI January, April, July, October 1982, & Vol. XI Index. New Orleans Genesis – Vol. VI January 1967 No. 21, June 1967 No.23; Vol. VII January 1968 No.25, March 1968 No. 26, June 1968 No. 27, Sept. No. 28; Vol. VIII January 1969 No. 29, March 1969, No. 30, June 1969 No. 31, Sept. 1969 No. 32; Vol. IX January 1970 No. 33, March 1970 No. 34, June 1970 No. 35, Sept. 1970 No. 36; Vol. X January 1971 No. 37, March 1971 No. 38, June 1971 No. 39, Sept. 1971 No. 40. Terrebonne Life Lines – 1982 all 3 issues; all 4 issues for the following years 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 1994 summer issue missing, 1996 fall issue missing, 1998 winter issue missing, 2000 summer issue missing, 2004 summer issue missing, & 2005 winter issue missing. If you are interested in purchasing these books contact Jess Bergeron at (985) 876-2348 or jessndot@bellsouth.net . We want to offer our THANKS to Dianna & Jeff Guidry, Jr. for this collection.

Assumption Parish Original Cashier Records Books 1 thru 5, 1786-1813 by Kenneth B. Toups, we have about 20 of these books to sale for $25.00 per book plus $3.00 for postage. Contact Jess Bergeron at (985) 876-2348 or jessndot@bellsouth.net .


Patty Whitney has been involved in making movie called “Harmony” which will air on NBC on November 19, 2010 . Her team will be hosting a Premiere. Stay tuned for that date. This is a MUST SEE.


The library has some extra copies of some of our past issues of the newsletter. They are asking if any members may be interested in having them contact Jess Bergeron.

They are asking if any of our members may be interested in helping to set up in the vertical file on the Jeff & Nellie GUIDRY genealogy collection contact Judy Soniat in the genealogy department.

The Society has made a monetary donation to the genealogy department to purchase 3 rolling book charts, two 24” monitors for the computers in the genealogy department and the purchase of a new computer workstation for the genealogy department.


This site offers over 3,000 links to free online county and town histories published from about 1850 to the early 1920s. State and county or state and town arrange the links. County histories can provide valuable genealogical information as they often contain detailed biographies of their citizens. Online County and Town Histories http://www.learnwebskills.com/patriot/countyhistories1.htm

Here's the fastest way to search the Web's free east-of-the-Mississippi genealogical data: http://laboratory.linkpendium.com/ WHAT IS THIS, ANYWAY? Linkpendium has taken our 9,175,027 links and, on a state-by-state basis, used those links to build search engines that are specialized to genealogy. More than 1,000,000 Web pages are currently searchable, and we're adding about 100,000 pages more each day. HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT FROM GOOGLE? Technologically, it's exactly the same thing. The difference is content: if you search Google for a specific surname, most of the results generally will have little or no genealogical value. If you search at Linkpendium, we've tried to limit the content to genealogically relevant materials. A much higher fraction of your results will be useful. Finally, Google tends not to index deeply into an archive. They'll typically index the homepage for a genealogical society, but they won't follow the links all the way down to where the actual genealogical data can be found. We don't limit ourselves to just the homepages of an organization. we include the data. That's why, though in total we're much smaller than Google, you can find things at Linkpendium that aren't in Google at all.


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