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March 1999

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1998 was last year, folks. There was a good turnout for the February meeting, maybe because the Winter issue of Terrebonne Life Lines was handed out. We do appreciate the number of people that pick up their issue at the meeting, and we want to thank in a special way those who deliver the quarterly to our members in their neighborhood. Some even go far out of their way to visit their friends who can't make the meeting, taking with them the latest issue. "Hot off the press" so to speak. And I'm sure their friends appreciate it, too. Those who were present to help collate the quarterly, Tuesday, were able to bring home and to friends the real "hot" copies. This time those were Beverly Alford, James Avet, Jess Bergeron, Mr. and Mrs. Brice Bernard, Essie and Marcie Cavalier, Phil Chauvin, Louis Duet, Ed Henry, Godfrey Olivier, Lou Ostheimer, Ruth Stevens and Wade Usé. Back to the meeting: our speaker was Lucretia McBride who gave us a follow-up on the St. Joseph Cemetery project, showing several articles which appeared in Louisiana newspapers about the project. She asked that any questions be sent to her at her home at 119 Burkwall Dr., Houma, 70360. We handed out a computer survey to find out how much need there is for computer training. We are still analyzing the responses, but there seems to be a need. How to fill that need is the hardest question to answer. One step in that direction was offered by Aubrey LeBlanc, our very knowledgeable member from Metairie. For our April meeting he will demonstrate some of the many available genealogy programs. It should be interesting. Try to be there. Coming up at the March meeting our speaker is Audrey Babineaux George, who is involved in the Congrès Mondial Acadien (CMA) Louisiane-1999. She has some interesting things to share.


We heard from our member Jesse Pitre of the death of Bridget Jennie Landry Terracina, who passed away on February 13, 1999, in Gretna, LA. She was the daughter of Edgar Ursin Landry and Louise Clementine Landry, born in Choupic, LA. She is survived by husband Chester Joseph Terracina, daughter Patricia T. Nielsen, grandsons Chris Anthony and Greg Joseph Sinatra, and triplet great-grandchildren Nicholas Joseph, Benjamin David, and Allyson Claire Sinatra, born Oct. 26, 1998, and one sister, Albertine L. Bordonaro. She was preceded in death by brothers Paul Joel Samuel, Armond, Ivy, Andrew and Sidney Landry. She was buried Monday, Feb. 15, 1999, in Gretna, LA.

Our sympathies go out to lifetime charter member Jane Chauvin Hitt in the loss of her husband, Billy Wilson Hitt, a native of Fornfelt, MO, and a resident of Houma, LA. He was a retired barge captain for McDermott and a Mason and Shriner of Unity Lodge No. 267. Besides Jane, he is survived by one son, Phil Lance Hitt of Houma; three daughters, Billie H. Boudreaux and Bobbie H. Bice, both of Houma, and Gina Hitt of New Orleans; one brother, Lawson Hitt of Raceland; one sister, Verbia Smith of Pontiac, Mich.; and four grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents, Albert Jackson and Celia Ann Harrington Hitt; one brother, Paul Hitt; and one sister, Ella Potter.

Former member Roselee Marie Babin died on March 4, 1999, in Thibodaux. She requested that her remains be donated to further our knowledge of science. We are sorry, but we do not have a copy of the obituary, but if you would like more family information, Jess tells us that it can be found in the Book of Charts No. 2. She is #1 on Chart 23.


You are allowed a discount when purchasing our publications, that's true. However, we offer a special discount when you order from a pre-publication offer. That is such a good deal that we cannot shave it down any further. I'm trying to find a nice way to say "No member discount is allowed on pre-publication offers." Thanks for letting me say that.


Many of our members have found the ten-year index on disks a good buy, so we don't have to promote the sales, but something came up that you may not know, so my job is to spread news, right? Suppose you have found a reference to the person you are searching for, but it is in an issue you can't locate in your locallibrary or your own personal collection of Terrebonne Life Lines. What do you do? If there are numerous references to one Volume or even one issue, it may pay you to buy the book from us. But suppose it is just one article of a few pages length. You can request a service that Nancy told me about just last month. We will copy an article from the quarterly for the most reasonable charge of 15¢ per page. How about that?


The National Genealogical Society has an ongoing project to preserve information from old family Bibles. It is a program that is open to everyone. Bibles contain information that is sometimes never recorded in any other place and in many cases is the only reference to some family members. I remember using the information from a family Bible to clear up a confusion about identical names.

If you have a Bible containing family lineage information, it should be copied and sent to a genealogical publication for preservation before it becomes lost or destroyed. Joining the efforts of the National Genealogical Society would be good for everyone and because it will get national publicity, the efforts should prove to be very fruitful.

Listings can be sent to the Bible Records Committee, 4527 - 17th Street North, Arlington, VA 22207. This committee is also working on an every name index to these records. If you would like to ask about the names recorded to date, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the committee.


The Morgan City Archives is sponsoring the Louisiana Genealogical & Historical Symposium in conjunction with Franco Fête. It will be held on 17 April 1999 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Morgan City Holiday Inn, 520 Roderick Street. Admission is free and open to the public. Among the distinguished speakers will be Winston Deville. Call the Archives at (504) 380-4621 for further details, or write P. O. Box 430, Morgan City, LA 70381 <<mcaysc@iamerica.net>>


The Terrebonne Genealogical Society wishes to express its thanks to Dr. Thomas Marks for donating Our Ancestors Volume 11, 1994, to the Terrebonne Parish Public Library. It is a book of Lineage Charts by the San Antonio Genealogical and Historical Society. Thanks again!

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