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Vol. 18 No. 10 January 2000

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Membership and/or address changes:
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NEXT MEETING Saturday, January 29, 1999
North Branch Library, Gray, LA 1:00 p.m.

Look at your mailing label, above. It tells you when your membership expires. If it says "EX2/00" you need to send us a check. Soon. If yours says "EX2/01" or a later date, you are O.K., for now.
 We may have had a more enjoyable Christmas Social, but I can't remember when. They seem to get better every year. More people get involved, more people attend, and more people meet and talk with more people. If you did not get a chance to attend 1999's party, make a resolution now that you won't miss 2000's. It ought to be outstanding even more than this year. At the party, we received an invitation from Wanda Gaidry (Mrs. Wilson Gaidry) to visit her home, called Residence Plantation, 8951 Park Avenue, and learn some of its history, along with some early Houma history. Mr. Gaidry is a direct descendant of Robert Ruffin Barrow, early pioneer of Houma. The plantation has been in the family for many years. Mrs. Gaidry has researched its history and would like to share it with us at 11:00 a.m. on the Saturday of our meeting. Plan to come to Houma early, if you are from out of town, and take the tour and hear the historical presentation by Mrs. Gaidry, who also happens to be a docent at Southdown Plantation. Directions: From Hwy 90 west of Houma, as from the Morgan City area, you should take the same La. Hwy. 24 exit you normally do for our meetings, but stay on Hwy 24 South (Main St.) through downtown Houma, taking the high-rise bridge over the Intracoastal Canal. Start counting traffic lights, because you want to turn left at the second one, which should be labeled Howard Avenue. You will cross over the rather sizeable (at this point) Bayou Terrebonne and turn right on Park Avenue, which is a two-way street in this area. Look to your left for the mailbox with 8951 on it and turn down the driveway. There should be a few cars there, already, unless you are way early. Incidentally, maybe you should allow more time than you would for a regular meeting, since you will be doing extra driving, and through traffic as well. From Hwy 90 coming from the east of Houma Lafourche Parish or metropolitan New Orleans you will take the "old Hwy. 90" route towards Houma. It will be the first Houma exit off U. S. Hwy. 90, now numbered La. Hwy. 182. After exiting, turn towards Houma (left), and go for about 3.5 miles to the first traffic light. This will be Hwy. 3087 where you take a left and go for a few miles, passing over a high-rise bridge at the Intracoastal Canal. Turn right at the second traffic light.(The first one is at Coteau Road, before the high-rise bridge.) This should put you on Park Avenue. You will be traveling with Bayou Terrebonne on your left ("up de bayou" as some folks say). After your right turn, look on the right side of the road for 8951 Park Ave. You will be traveling fewer miles than you would to the North Branch, so it may not take you as long, although you will have a couple of traffic lights to allow for. You might see some eating places on your way, so keep them in mind for the time before the meeting, because lunch is on your own. You won't want to spend your whole hour just looking for a good place to eat. We will have our meeting at the regular time and place stated above. This meeting is the last one of our membership year. The nominating committee will be looking for candidates for both officers and board members, so if you would like to serve as one of those, you just have to be a member in good standing and give your name to the committee. At the February meeting we will have the election, with installation in March.
We wish to express our deepest sympathies to Lifetime member Norris J. Dupre who lost his mother recently. Edna Marie Pitre Dupre, 97, was a native of Bourg and resident of Gretna, LA. She is survived by another son, Harold P. Dupre of Grand Cheniere and three daughters, Mrs. Nathan (Dollye) Leathers, Mrs. Van (Ruby) Bodin, and Mrs. Anthony J. (Rita Mae) Randazzo, as well as 19 grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband, Arthur J. Dupre; her parents, Gustave P. And Annie M. Martin Pitre; two sons, Jasper J. And Arthur T. Dupre; one brother, Clarence Pitre; and five sisters, Mrs. Conealia Falgout, Mrs. Inez Belenger, Mrs. Ida Eschete, Mrs. Loura Richards and Mrs. Ruby LeBleu.

At the time we went to press with this newsletter, Godfrey Olivier was recovering in ICU from the rigors of a triple by-pass surgery performed Monday, January 17, 2000. The operation was performed at University Hospital in New Orleans (formerly Hotel Dieu). Keep your spirits up, Godfrey, we are praying for your speedy recovery.

In case you didn't see the notice last month, or were too busy celebrating the new year, decade, century and millennium (a year early, I might add), Your dues are payable now, repeat now. If you are only taking care of your own membership, it costs only $25 per year. For a family it is $30. A Contributing member pays $30, and a Lifetime membership is $250. Well worth it, too, because you receive a quarterly that is top notch in the genealogy field. Besides the most illustrious newsletter this side of Cocodrie. (A little joke, O.K.?)

It's not too late to make the deadline for the pre-publication price for the Terrebonne Parish 1880 United States Census publication outlined in the enclosed flyer. If you are trying to locate missing ancestors, this is much easier than scrolling through the microfilm trying to read that old handwriting. The index alone has almost 18,000 names. What a bargain! And by ordering early you help us to know how many to print, as well as saving yourself some money.
We have restored many of our missing titles to the book list, including old quarterlies. Many of our members find references in the 10-year Index of TLL on two 3.5" disks, then want to get the quarterly issues containing those sources. If you have been frustrated in the past when you didn't find something on the Book List, be sure and check the latest version.

Personal Ancestral File 4.0 for Windows
This is not an advertisement or review, just a convenience for those folks who like the old PAF (Personal Ancestral File) for DOS, but find they want to  use their mouse more and more, and like having a graphical user interface for their programs. This is from a respected source: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It can be downloaded free on the internet. I have never used it, but it comes highly recommended. If you are interested, contact Ed Hicks at the address above for more details.

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