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Vol. 19 No. 6 August 2000

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NEXT MEETING Saturday, August 26, 2000

North Branch Library, Gray, LA 1:00 p.m.

At the July meeting, there were so many people making connections during the break that our industrious president, Phil Chauvin Jr., was loathe to sound the gavel to silence the membership. Audrey Westerman told of her experience with a web site in France where she was able to connect with a person who was willing to share all kinds of information and pictures of a family she and Louis Duet had been researching for months with little luck. She promised to give out the location: http://www.45web.com/cailgeo/us/default.htm.  She also recommended http://genealogylinks.net/.  You might want to try both. Audrey warned that you should know the numerical designation for the province in France for which you need information. At another time, she shared a story about a real live psychic who was able to tell her things she thought no one knew about. Weird!


This has come up several times, so it behooves me to say something about it. It is kind of delicate, and I am not known for my tact, but it has to be said, so here goes. Have you given any thought to the person who will inherit your work if you should come to a final stopping place? We all know that there is no end to genealogy. If we find out one truth, we see more open questions ahead of us. But one day our maker will decide that He has had enough of our foolishness and call us home. So who gets our work? Will it be appreciated? Or will it go to Cousin Frank, who couldnít care less about his ancestors and never understood why we were so curious about ours? We have an answer. We have to make sure we leave instructions about where to put it before C. Frank decides to pitch it in the burn pile. It would probably make a good blaze, but is that what we want? We must indicate in our will, or even to our close friends and relatives the name of the library or genealogy society of our choice. We realize that some of our members live outside the Houma-Terrebonne region, and some of us may have ancestors who are mostly non-Acadian. So to ask that we donate all of our work to the North Branch Library of the Terrebonne Parish Library System, or Terrebonne Genealogical Society would be asking too much, but it is a thought, right? We must think about it. And do something about it now, O.K.?


Mrs. Larue S. LeBlanc, one of our charter members, lost her sister on 1 August 2000, and member Michael J. "Mike" LeBlanc lost his aunt. Mrs. Martha Marie Smith Futch died at age 88 and was buried in Spearsville, LA. She was the mother of sons: Frank, Terry, Ike, Fred, C.A. and Joe Futch; and daughters: Mrs. Kay Frances Scarborough, Mrs. Rosalie Bass and the late Mrs. Annie Sue Puckett. She was preceded in death by her parents, Armon Smith and Rosa Lee Ogden, as well as four brothers: Loy, Robert, W.K. and Curtis.

Nora Bourg Breaux Chatagnier, 90, died on Tuesday, 25 July 2000. She was the sister of charter member Evelina Bourg Gallier of Lafayette. She is survived by five daughters: Adruel Breaux Luke, Marian M. Breaux, Eloise Breaux Champagne, Juanita Breaux Tauzin and Lenora A. Breaux; son-in-law James Champagne; two other sisters: Mildred Bourg Voisin and Dorothy Bourg Bergeron; 16 grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren; and four great-great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her second husband, Junius Chatagnier; her first husband, Hughes J. Breaux; her parents, Harry J. and Louise Samanie Bourg; one daughter, Mae Doris Breaux Simon; one brother, Albert J. Bourg; and two sisters, Gertie Bourg Theriot and Lena Bourg Martin. She was the owner-operator of Dulac Beach, a cattle farmer, a seamstress and director of Harry Corporation and a parishioner of Holy Rosary Catholic Church.

Jimmie Joseph Boudreaux, 73, died on 5 June 2000, of complications following heart bypass surgery. He was the much-loved husband of Audrey Dantin Boudreaux; son of the late Blaise and Alice LeBlanc Boudreaux; brother of Dora Mae B. Griffin, Mary Jane B. Cook, Annie Rose B. Pennison, Clarence Boudreaux, Roland Boudreaux, and the late Oville and Johnny Boudreaux. He was the brother-in-law of longtime member Cathy Dantin Shannon. He is also survived by one uncle, Eunice LeBlanc, many cousins and aunts and lots of caring nieces and nephews.


If you have any material ordered from Hebert Publications, and you wish to find out the status of your order, you should contact Bonnie M. Stanford, P. O. Box 147, Rayne, LA 70578. The phone number is (337) 873-6151. Thatís the latest word.

The latest word from Audrey about the printer is not a nice word. You really donít want to hear it. In the continuing saga of the on-again, off-again printer, it is off, as of the board meeting on 12 August 2000. Poor Audrey ... or should I say poor printer company?

We were well represented at the Lafourche Heritage Seminar, with Jess Bergeron and Essie Cavalier manning the society book booth. He brought back $500, not all of that on 15-generation charts.

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