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Vol. 19 No. 8 October 2000

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Please send by mail to TGS, Station 2 Box 295, Houma, LA 70360-0295

Next Meeting October 28, 2000, 1 p.m., North Branch Library

The meeting of September 30 was well attended, perhaps because it was “Chart Day” with everyone invited to display their ancestral charts, and they did! Cousins found each other and exchanged information, and others searched charts looking for common family lines or elusive ancestors. There were charts all around the room, hung on lines and fastened with clip clothes pins. The mid-meeting break was a little longer than usual so people had time to look at all the charts and discuss researching.

Collating will be on Thursday, October 26 beginning at 12 Noon at the North Branch Library in Gray

 Ya’ll Come and have fun!


Generations I ... Past to Present (REVISED, CORRECTED, ANNOTATED) has been published and put in the mail to those who ordered them. By the time this newsletter is received, everyone who pre-ordered them and included postage payment should have their copy. Some of the orders were from people who chose to pick them up in person and avoid the mail expense. So, they can be picked up from Jess Bergeron at his house, or at the meeting of October 28. These people are: Charyn Wright, Joan B. Ledet, Bernice C. Andry, Dot Smith, Doris Mae Ledet, and Inez Adams. If you didn’t order by the pre-publication cut-off date, the price per copy is now $45 plus postage.

 The next project of TGS is the printing of South Louisiana Vital Family Records, Vol. 8, 1927 - 1929. A pre-publication flyer is included with this newsletter. This volume includes information from marriage bonds, marriage licenses, civil records and successions (probates) from Lafourche, Terrebonne and Assumption Parish court houses, listings of births and deaths of this period from cemeteries, and birth, baptism, marriage, and death records when they were submitted by family genealogists. Names of brides and grooms are cross-indexed with names of parents, if given. Source citations are in parentheses at the end of each entry. Gathering the data for this book was a group effort by Ann Dupont, Alice Lirette, Dot Smith, Phil Chauvin, Jr., Jess Bergeron, and Essie and Marcie Cavalier. The pre-publication price, effective until the meeting of December 9, is $35, postage $3 for the first book and $1 for each additional book, all soft covers. After December 9, the full price will be $40 for each book, plus the same postage charges. This book will be a welcome library addition to your favorite genealogist as a Christmas gift, or if you are the genealogist - just leave the pre-publication flyer out as a “hint” of what you want for Christmas from your spouse or family!

Our next monthly meeting is Saturday, October 28th at the North Branch Library in Gray LA. There will be no general meeting in November. Then the next meeting after that is the Christmas Party on December 9th. Everyone is asked to bring some type of goodie to eat and a door prize for the Christmas Party - lots of socializing and little business at this meeting - just a fun time!

DUES: Then we arrive at the new year - 2001! It’s just around the corner and you might want to get your dues in early so you don’t forget. Membership dues remain the same as before, with the exception that new Lifetime Memberships are no longer accepted. Those who already had a Lifetime Membership will continue in that status. The only increase that we see at this time is when ordering more than one book, the postage on the second and each additional book will be $1 per extra book, above the $3 postage for the first book. We have no control over postage expenses.

Congratulations to member Mrs. Doris Mae (nee Naquin) Ledet of Thibodaux, who was named 2000 Catholic Daughter of the Year of Court Anna Maria 993 in Thibodaux. And we learn that Bennie and Max Hardberger were named King and Queen of the Hawaiian Luau at St. Joseph Manor in Thibodaux. Their picture was in the paper and they were really having a good time!

Queries - It does pay to put out queries on those elusive ancestors. In 1997 I put a query on Internet on my Wright family line. Just this past month I was contacted by a third cousin in CA from that query, then I found a 3c1r in Australia, then another third cousin in Nashville TN. A number of Roach cousins from all over the country have found me from the same sources and we have shared information. My search efforts had been going on for over 30 years with  no success. So, that’s about the norm - it takes about 3 years to hear from someone - so don’t give up hope and do send us your queries to print in TLL if you have ancestry from this area.

Just Looking - Browsing at the North Branch Library turned up some interesting items. The Sandborn maps of Houma, done in 1924 are there, so are the Hollingsworth Cards on microfilm with an index book of surnames (if you have ancestry that came through Georgia these are especially important), plus Dorotha found the book of maps that Kenneth Toups had donated and were listed in TLL “Red River and Tributaries, Arkansas and Louisiana” (TLL 1984 Vol. 3, No. 3 p. 41, and Vol. 3, No. 4, p. 14). And when you are browsing, check out the new books section against the wall. If you need assistance at the library, the best time to go is on Monday or Tuesday, when Dorotha is there.

Hebert Publications: Board member and TLL Assistant Editor Louis Duet went to Rayne LA to get the volumes of Southwest Louisiana Records, published by Rev. Donald J. Hebert, that he was missing in his collection. He learned that some of them are in very short supply. On advice of the estate attorney, they are not accepting credit card orders, only checks, money orders, or cash. If you want to phone them the number is 337-873-6151, or write Hebert Publications, P. O. Box 147, Rayne LA 70578. Postage price on each book is $3 (they are shipped by USPS, the Postal Service), so you might save money by making the trip to get them in person. A word of warning - no one is there on Wednesday, so call first and make an appointment.

On the sick list: Get well to Minus Blanchard who is in the hospital awaiting heart surgery; to Margaret Shaffer, former Director of the Terrebonne Parish Library, now retired, who had open heart surgery and is now home recuperating; and to Godfrey Olivier who had recent eye surgery.
(Ed and Gloria Hicks had a daughter getting married, so this newsletter was put together this month by Audrey Westerman.)

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