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Vol. 19 No. 9 November 2000

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NEXT MEETING Saturday, December 9, 2000

North Branch Library, Gray, LA 1:00 p.m.

The October meeting was rather sparsely attended. Put another way, you did not have to fight for a seat. If you missed it, you missed some good connecting and some good eats. Next month promises to be even better, if our members cooperate by bringing door prizes and goodies. If you are concerned about your diet, take a pill before you come because there will be plenty of temptation. At the meeting of October 28th, there was a discussion about the FREE workshop put on by the North Branch Library the previous Saturday in honor of Family History Month. Some suggested a workshop be held monthly, yearly or twice a year. Those who attended said it really helped. All the talks were well researched and presented. Patty W. Gravois, Audrey B. Westerman, Marcy and Essie Cavalier, Nancy L. Wright, Phil Chauvin, Jr., and yours truly gave presentations on such things as forms, homework, handwriting in old records, Native American research, cemetery and church research, courthouse research, and software and internet research. Do you have any suggestions as to how often this needs to be done?


Another thing you missed if you were not at the October meeting was Dot Smith’s announcement that Bennie Naquin Hardberger was offering her collection of genealogy books for sale. Some good bargains were available, but many were gone by the end of the meeting. Write Dot at 446 Main Project Rd., Schriever, LA 70395-9798 or phone (504) 447-7034 (no collect calls, please) if you think she might have what you are looking for.

As we go to press, she had the following: 1880 U. S. Census of Lafourche book (a T.G.S. publication); 1850 Census of St. John the Baptist Parish; Cheniere Caminada, Buried at Sea (by Dale Rogers); Comet Microfilm Index: Deaths, Weddings, Births 1912-1925 (T.G.S.); Houma Courier Marriages & Births for 1983; Houma Courier Deaths for 1983; Percle Descendants & Allied Lines (Bennie’s book); South Louisiana Vital Records - 2 volumes - 1910-1913 and 1914-1917; Book of Charts, Vol. 2 (T.G.S.); Louisiana Census & Militia Lists 1770-1789, Vol. 1 (Robichaux); Souvenir Book - Centennial Celebration of Houma, May 10-13, 1934 with History Supplement, 1934-1984; Terrebonne Life Lines, Vol. 15 No. 1, Vol. 16 Nos. 1, 3, 4, Vol. 17 all 4 issues; also a couple of books (now out of print) that were photocopied. If you would like to see these, Dot will bring them to the December Social meeting. Be there. And bring goodies.

South Louisiana Vital Family Records 1927 - 1929, Vol. 8 - Lafourche, Terrebonne & Assumption Parishes is still being offered by the society at pre-publication prices, but you can pick it up at the December 9 social meeting. (What a nice Christmas present!) "Thank you" to all the workers who made it happen. After our meeting the price will go up to $40 per book with additional postage for mailing, so come to the December social -- and bring goodies.

If you have e-mail and are looking for books for your collection, you may be interested in an offer we received from Louella Leon Richard (lurich@iamerica.net) telling of a friend who has decided to sell their genealogy books (40 volumes of Father Hebert’s SW La Records, 12 volumes of South La Records, 16 volumes of Diocese of Baton Rouge and 6 volumes of Bona Arsenault). The friend is Jack Z. Falcon of Lafayette, e-mail jackfalcon@ATT.com no phone number or snail mail address given.

We are holding Generations 1... Past to Present for Charyn Wright. We hope to see you at the December Social. Come to the meeting, and bring some goodies.

We also have the quarterlies that were returned due to change of address. If you want us to, we can mail it to your present address. Please send $3.00 for the remailing. Bobbie Sue Honour, Deborah S. Jones, Janet Kemper, and Glenn Dolese need to notify us what they want us to do. You can also pick up your quarterly at the December Social. If you decide to come, please bring goodies.


In case you hadn’t noticed, our next meeting will be our yearly Christmas Social. There will be a minimum of business, besides those who are picking up their books; then we will break for an extended intermission where we can socialize and find out what has been going on in our friends’ lives and research. And eat goodies of all kinds. Some bring "salty" foods like sandwiches and chips and dips, some like to bake sweet things. Some are even healthy: low fat and low sugar. After the snacking, we usually have door prizes awarded. It is a rare Christmas Social where anybody goes home without a gift of some sort. So bring what you can -- a wrapped present or two, some cookies or a bag of chips or even some disposable plates or flatware. We’re going to party! And you know you will enjoy it more if you feel you have contributed. Right?


We hope to see some of our members who have been absent for a while. Minus Blanchard is recovering from heart surgery, but he is feeling better, so he may be able to attend the Social. Someone please make a motion so he can chime in with his usual "Nay."

Aimee Grillet is up and around, too, after a triple by-pass operation. She was walking around her yard, so surely we’ll see her, too.

We wish Godfrey Olivier could make it, but he has been given strict orders not to talk. So stay home and take care of yourself, Godfrey.

We pray for the continued improvement of those above, and also for Nelson Marcel and Ray Voisin (Barbara Knight Voisin’s husband) and many others who need our prayers right now. Another thing you can do is donate blood. If you are able to donate, go to Terrebonne General Hospital and tell them you want to replace blood used by Minus Blanchard. It will be much appreciated.


Nancy Wright told us about an excellent site for beginners and experienced researchers alike. It is genealogyspot.com and it has links of all kinds. You could spend hours exploring. Try it.

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