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Vol. 20 No. 1 March 2001

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NEXT MEETING Saturday, March 31, 2001
North Branch Library, Gray, LA 1:00 p.m.
     It’s time to say “Goodbye” to old friends and new.
That is, if your address sticker above does not say “Ex 2/28/02" That’s the date of expiration of your membership in this society, friends. Individual membership is $25/yr, Family $30/yr, Contributing $30/yr, and Libraries $22/yr.

   At the February meeting, Patty Whitney Gravois brought up the possibility that the Underground Railroad was active in this area in the years before the War Between the States. That was the route taken by persons who were trying to escape slavery by walking from the “slave states” into abolitionist country north of here.    Sometimes “runaway slaves” had to travel as far as Canada to be able to live without the fear of being taken back. She has found indications that one of her ancestors was one of the “operatives” of the movement. The couple was perhaps sent by the Northern sympathizers to live in the South to spread the word in the enslaved community about the possibility for help on the way north. Without that knowledge, the slaves had little hope for freedom. Of course, such an operative could not be open about his or her beliefs and aims in South Louisiana, so written evidence would be hard to find. But if anyone knows of such activities, would you please contact Patty at the TGS address above? We assure you that hard feelings have been dead many years, now, and you need not fear retribution.
   Belated sympathies are due to longtime member Carolyn Babin in the loss of her sister, Beverly Ann “Boo” Babin Bonvillain. It is our understanding that Beverly herself was a member at one time. She died Sunday, 3 December 2000. She is survived by three sons, Reed J. Hebert, Bernnie P. Bonvillain and William Rogers; one brother, Irvin “Pete” Babin, three sisters besides Carolyn, Lois B. Breaux, Helen B. Fowler and Yvonne “Bonnie” B. Guidry; six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her first husband, Raymond Hebert; her second husband, Lawrence Bonvillain; her parents, Irving and Lillian B. Babin; two brothers, Novel J. and Reynold P. Babin; and five sisters, Bulah B. Graddley, Betty Jane B. Fontenot, Genevie Marie Babin, Florance Marie Babin and Alberta A. Babin Lafitte.
   Our sympathy goes out to the family of member Charles Joseph Fanguy, who died Saturday, 10 March 2001.He is survived by his wife, Gerry Duval Fanguy, his parents, Ernest Joseph Deroche Sr. and Myrtle Deroche Fanguy, one son, Lance Fanguy of Brooklyn, N.Y., and four brothers, Ernest Joseph Fanguy Jr, William Paul Fanguy, James Peter Fanguy and Gary John Fanguy. He was a bookkeeper for Hamilton Radio Communications and a member of Maria Immacolata Catholic Church.
   You may remember last issue of this newsletter where we spoke of Nancy Wright’s visit to Salt Lake City and that she had brought back several Research Outlines published by the Family History Library. These guides give sources of information about families from  states that may be found in Salt Lake City and other places, giving addresses and types of documents available. The society has decided to get a copy of the outline for each of the fifty states and many foreign countries and donate them to the Terrebonne Parish Library. These include Mexico and Latin America (also in Spanish) Peru, the Phillippines and many European countries. If you have hit the proverbial brick wall, maybe you should visit the North Branch Library in Gray and give them a workout.
   Speaking of brick walls, why not submit a query to our quarterly editor, Audrey Westerman? Send it to the TGS address above, and include as much information as you possibly can about the individual or individuals. Places and dates always help to define an individual, and are especially helpful in this part of the country where you often find several children of the same family with similar names. We’ve all heard of the query we forgot about until three years later when some long-lost cousin shows up with great-grandpa’s wedding photograph, so don’t give up, yet.
   Due to some postal mixup, the following members did not receive the latest issue of our quarterly: Sandra A. Barré, Linda G. Pledger, Janet M. Kemper, Joan A. Powell, and Glenn Dolese. Perhaps you were visiting Mickey and/or Minnie Mouse? Anyway, if you would like us to send it to you, please send $3.00 to pay the cost of mailing it to you. We have to pay for the return trip. We need the address of David Laird, also.
   If you are living in Lafourche Parish, the scuttlebutt says chances are you will have your address changed due to 911.
   If you see Jess Bergeron, you may want to ask him about the Grand Champion of the Houma Courier Cook Off Recipe Contest.
And don’t forget to ask Daniel “Chuck” Guidry about the 25th anniversary celebration he gave his wife.
   If you sent in your order for the Comet Microfilm Index 1-7-1926 through 12-30-1937 you may pick up your copy at the March meeting. If you think you may want a copy and you missed the pre-publication offer, you can pick up a copy for $30.
   Our annotated 1900 Lafourche Census is nearing completion. It is eagerly anticipated by all who have family living in Lafourche at that time. Our honorable President, Phil Chauvin Jr. is working on it with the cooperation of his sister, Phoebe C. Morrison, to cross check the families with the known sources, such as the Hebert books. Chances are this book can help you add  information about your family.
   Charter member Margaret Richard has a complete set of our quarterlies that she is hesitantly offering for sale. This is the chance of a lifetime, folks, better hurry before she changes her mind. Contact Jess Bergeron at the society address as soon as possible if you are interested.
   A beginner class in family research will be offered by the Louisiana Division of the New Orleans Public Library and the Genealogical Research Society of New Orleans (GRSNO). The class will be held on Saturday, April 21 from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the auditorium on the third floor of the Main Library, 219 Loyola Avenue. Call 985-596-2610 for more info.
   The planning meeting for the 2002 Creole Family History Convention will be held at 1-4 p.m. April 21, 2001, at the Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary High School, 329 N. Garfield Blvd., Montebello, CA 90640 (in the Los Angeles area). This information came from The Louisiana Creole Heritage Center at Northwestern State University at Natchitoches, LA. Contact Michelle Pichon, Publicity Coordinator, 318-357-6685, for details. Or Janet Colson, Assistant Director, colsonj@nsula.edu

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