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Vol. 23 No. 7 October 2004

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      Corresponding Secretary: Jess Bergeron 
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      TGS, Station 2 Box 295, Houma, LA 70360-0295 
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     Newsletter Editor  Ed Hicks
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NEXT MEETING: Saturday, October 30, 2004, 1 p.m., Main Library, Houma, LA

TLL Fall 2004 is printed
Collating will be on Friday, Oct. 29, 1 p.m. at the North Branch Library in Gray

     The September meeting of TGS was at the North Branch Library, our old home. There were some members we havenít seen in a while: Sandra and Sonny Barre were here from Statesville, NC., also Nick Porto from Donaldsonville, Mrs. Dot Smith and Mrs. Beverly Alford from Schriever, and Diana Coupel who works at the North Branch Library. The Matte Family Reunion was this weekend in Eunice, LA so Jess and Dorothy (Matte) Bergeron had gone to it. 
     APOLOGY - WE were rushing when we put out the September newsletter. Hurricane Ivan was scheduled to hit this area the next day and we wanted to get the newsletter in the mail so everyone would be reminded of the change in the meeting place for the September meeting. As a consequence, the typos that were made were mine (Audrey Westerman) and not Edís. The newsletter was printed after 9 p.m. that night, I rushed them to Nancy early the next morning, then Jess picked them up at Nancyís. But - we got them in the mail. We rushed because we were afraid the power would be out and we could not have done a newsletter.
     The Comet obituary, marriages, and birth series of books that Phil Chauvin has been compiling are coming along nicely. The newest books cover the period 1950-1959 and were just made available. Phil tells us the next books will be 1960-1969. The latter one will be published next year. He will continue this series until they bridge the gap in years from 1970 to 1982. 
     Another ongoing project is compiling some records of the Lafourche Parish Tax Assessor which were found at Nicholls State University Archives and formerly in the Clerk of Courts office. There are three years: 1847, ca. 1851/1853, and 1858 census and they fill the gaps between census years. This will be a book but it wonít be completed until sometime next year. The original books are so large and fragile they cannot be copied, so one person reads and the other writes. Patty Whitney, Nancy Wright and Audrey Westerman are working on this. Once the transcriptions are published access to these old books will be limited.

NEW PROJECT: We are trying to establish a 3 x 5 card file at the library for genealogists (you donít have to be a member of TGS) to list the families they are searching. Each card will contain the name of one person, spouse, parents, birth and death dates and places, date of marriage and place. The name and address of the person submitting the information will appear on the back of the card. You are invited to submit your information on each of your families or just those you are having trouble finding. Here is a sample of the information:
    Mary SMITH
    1033 Any Lane, Somewhere TX 30098
    846-328-5543; e-mail Msmith@internet.com
    Oct. 2004SMITH, John m. Cora DOE
    bn. 7 Dec 1002 ASC LA, d. 20 Jul 1057 TER LA
    married 3 Feb. 1025 LAF LA
(Albert SMITH & Ellen BLACK)The best labels to use are the #8163 Avery labels. A Submission Form will go in the January TLL Newsletter as a guide for those who want to participate. If you donít type, write the information and we will have volunteers type the information on cards. If you do type or have a computer, we are soliciting volunteers to help with this project.

     Ed Hicks is doing volunteer computer training at the Main Library, volunteer computer work for schools, overseeing the genealogy volunteers at the library, and is our Vice President. If you want to be a volunteer to assist people at the library, you must first get in touch with Darryl Eschete at the library (985-876-5861)for training (it takes about 2 hours), then Darryl will put you in touch with Ed to get on the schedule. Our library volunteers work on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so go and get the help you need. The volunteer workers are Marilyn Berger, Blanche Brown, Marcie & Essie Cavalier, Juanita Chaisson, Maxie Champagne, Cynthia Daigle, Sheila Rodrigue, Trudy Hebert, Gloria & Ed Hicks, Mary Lapeyrouse, Betty LOCKWOOD, Wanda Moore, Barbara Templet, and Patty Whitney. There are still some vacant time slots, so get in touch with Ed if you can help. The schedule is made so a volunteer only has to work a couple of hours once a month. 
 If you need computer training call Ed Hicks at 985-532-3586 or email him at edhicks @ mobiletel.com (omit the spaces before and after the @ sign). Itís free. This training is mainly for those who need help using the Libraryís Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) and using the Internet to research in Genealogy at the library. 

ACADIANS & CAJUNS - It was such a huge success the first time, it is being brought back. The Terrebonne Parish Main Library will host a presentation by Mr. Leryes Usie on ďThe History of the Acadians & CajunsĒ from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on 18 November 2004. Contact Carlos Crockett, in Reference at the Main Library 985-876-1733. This program was given in July of this year and there wasnít even standing room left for the crowd.

Don Hill is now a grandfather; the baby was born in Meridan, Mississippi, but Don was so excited in his note he forgot to give us the birth date! Baby Brianna Marilyn Anthony was born to his daughter, Stephanie Marilyn Hill and her husband, Brad Tyrone Anthony, Jr.  Maternal grandparents are Don August Hill and Helen Rau, with step-grandmother Jill Marie Sims-Hill. The paternal grandfather is Brad Tyrone Anthony Sr. Congratulations, Don!
FALCON REUNION - Sunday, November 21, 2004 at the Chackbay Firemanís Fairgrounds from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Admission is $5 per person, lunch will be potluck. Please bring a covered dish in a disposable pan, serving utensil, disposable eating utensils, at least a 2 liter of soft drink and your camera with plenty of film. For more information contact Anna Thibodaux, 207 Greenwood Plantation Road, Thibodaux 70301 or call 985-447-7091 (days 8 to 5) or 985-448-1078 (weekdays 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m., and weekends) or e-mail trac-work22@mobiletel.com.
     Looking for certificates from England? Try www.gro.gov.uk This is the url of the General Register Office for England and Wales. You can order the records online.
     Congratulations to Bethany Ber, member of Houma Jr. High Volleyball Team, and the team who have lost only one game this season! They won the Terrebonne Parish Jr. High tournament on Oct. 16th. Bethany is the granddaughter of Dorothy and Jess  Bergeron and, of course, Grandma and Grandpa are at every game, cheering the team on.
     2005 is fast approaching and it will be dues renewal time. There has been no change in dues, but we remind you to use our new mailing address so they wonít be delayed in the mail. Dues expire on March 1, 2005. 

MEETING DATES: October 30th, 1 p.m., Main Branch Library, Fall TLL will be ready for distribution; no general meeting in November but there will be a Board meeting on November 27th at the Main Branch Library at 1 p.m. The Christmas meeting will be December 11th at 1 p.m. at the Main Branch Library. Plan on the goodies you will bring for the Christmas meeting and a couple of inexpensive gifts for the exchange.

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