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 May 1997

Vol. 16 No.3 May, 1997        Visit our home page at http://www.rootsweb.com/~laterreb/tgs.htm

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Membership and/or address changes:
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NEXT MEETING Saturday, May 31, 1997

North Branch Library, Gray, LA 10:00 a.m.

The April meeting was held in the "Kitchen" or "Break Room" for Library workers, so we felt like part of the family. It was a tight squeeze, too, so we felt real cozy. It was good seeing so many members that had been ailing. And we prayed for you if you couldn't make it because of illness or prior engagements, or whatever.


The first quarterly of the new membership year will be assembled at the North Branch Library at 12:00 noon on Thursday, May 29, 1997. Please be there to help if you can. Phil shared with us some of his findings while reading Lafourche Comet microfilms. For example: a 1915 Ford Runabout sold for $380.00, a Ford Touring Car sold for $440.00, and a Chevrolet touring car for $490.00. A one-ton truck went for $895.00, brand new. In 1916 there was a lot of road-building going on. Between Houma and Bayou Blue a road was built along Caro canal, gravel was placed on the dirt road between Thibodaux and Houma, a road was begun from Raceland to Lockport and the road to Des Allemands was begun. The next year saw Jefferson Highway started in order to connect New Orleans with Port Allen and Baton Rouge. The cost of a round trip from Schriever to New Orleans was $1.50 (by train, no doubt).

Some gleanings from the internet: Murphy's Laws of Family History -- 1)The keeper of the vital records you need will have just been insulted by another genealogist. 2)Your great-grandfather's obituary states that he died leaving no issue of record......9)Ink fades and paper deteriorates at a rate proportional to the value of the data recorded. 10)The critical link in your family tree is named "Smith."


Congratulations to Tommy and Jamie Bergeron Ber on the birth of their second daughter, Catherine Elizabeth Ber on Wednesday, 30 April 1997. That date just happens to be the birthday of her grandfather, Jess Bergeron, Corresponding Secretary of our society. He and wife Dorothy Matte Bergeron are pleased to announce that both mother and daughter are doing fine.


We will miss lifetime member Robert Claude Buquet attending meetings with his tie studded with pins representing the many associations in which he participated. He passed away on Monday, 14 April 1997 leaving his wife, Bessie Ann Williams Buquet, one daughter, two sisters and two grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents, Oubin Vincent and Lena Marronge Buquet, and two brothers.

Longtime member Patricia Trahan Watson lost her father on Saturday, 12 April 1997. Randolph Joseph "Rudolph" Trahan, a native of Bayou Black and resident of Houma is survived by three more daughters, four brothers, ten grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife, May Eva Picone Trahan, and his parents, John and Mary Blanchard Trahan. Our sympathies to Patricia.

June L. Chauvin Solar's mother, Lillian Chiasson Chauvin, passed away on Wednesday, 2 April 1997. A native of Lockport, she was a resident of Harvey for the past 70 years. She is survived by four daughters, three sons and three brothers, and preceded in death by her husband, Edgar and her parents, Joseph and Aimee Adam Chiasson.

Henry Claude Simoneaux died Friday, May 16, 1997. He was one of nine children of the late Frank and Adrienne Daigle Simoneaux. Of those nine children, only a sister, Angelle S. Cavalier, mother of lifetime member Essie Cavalier, now survives. He is also survived by his wife, Anne Simoneaux, four sons, two daughters and 55 grand- and great-grandchildren.


Amy Chauvin, P.O.Box 365, Chauvin, LA 70344, is interested in purchasing Book No. 6 -- 1910 Census of Terrebonne Parish, Volume 2. If you have one or know of anyone who has one and is not using it, please contact her.


Carolyn Rodosta in Carlsbad, CA, sends information about the Virtual University on the internet. It offers FREE classes in a variety of computer-related topics. There seem to be classes for people with a wide range of skill levels. One of the topics has to do with Genealogy and the Internet. To read the class descriptions, look at the following URL: <<http://www. vu.org/campus.html>> [Do they give lectures and homework, or what? Ed.]

Do you wish to do research for our society, and have us publish your E-mail address on our home page? To appear on our home page as a research person, please E-mail me at the address on the masthead with a statement to that effect. We have on file many of your addresses, but not everyone wants her/his address published. We will work up a database for the home page with names, addresses and surnames of interest to help those interested in the same surnames you are working on. That way you can share resources with more people.


More and more groups are organizing with a view to holding family reunions in August, 1999. At last report there were over forty. The Chiasson/Bernard group will hold a meeting at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, 31 May, 1997, at the Lockport Town Hall in the same block as Bank One, a block off Highway 1. Contact either Earline Bernard at (504) 446-8927, or, for Chiasson, Kevin Allemand, P.O.Box 117, Raceland, 70394, phone (504) 532-6381.

Also in the works, though the meeting time and place is to be announced, is the Bergeron-Caillouet-Gautreaux organization. If you are interested, write or call Ann Newman, 350 Georgia Ave., Port Allen, 70767, FAX (504) 379-3266, Home phone (504) 343-8417.

In Theriot, already twinned with Saulnierville, N.B., will be the Theriot-Crochet reunion. Contact Vivian Pellegrin (504) 594-5449 or Nadine Boudreaux (504) 473-6053.

Naquin - Contact Marsha Naquin Lunk, 120 Elm Dr., Raceland, 70394 (504) 537-7905.

Foret-Forest - Contact Ronnie Forest, 6866 Hwy 56, Chauvin, 70344 (504) 594-7687.

Robichaux - Contact JoAnna Porche (504) 594-3135 or Martha Olivier (318) 828-1843.

Pitre - Loretta Jambon, P.O.Box 88, Mathews, 70375 (504) 532-2907.

Bourgeois - Norman Marmillion, 227 Hwy 18, Vacherie, 70090 (504) 265-7690

If you are looking for your family name and can't find it, call Sheryl Collins, (504) 879-2000 for more information. (She tried to Fax me more for this newsletter, but my computer was not feeling cooperative, and so I never did get it. Maybe we'll have better luck next time.)

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